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Our word "philsophy" comes from the Greek word "philosophia" which is translated as "love of wisdom" or "love of knowledge"

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"Philosophers of the Ancient World"

Philosophers of ancient world 16th century fresco

Above is a 16th century fresco depicting Plato, Pythagoras, and Solon. It is from the Sucevita Monastery in Moldavia, Romania.

This image is from the Art Museum Image Gallery database.

Coolest Name?

Who do you think had the coolest name of these Pre-Socratic philosophers?

Coolest Name?
Thales: 0 votes (0%)
Democritus: 1 votes (12.5%)
Pythagoras: 1 votes (12.5%)
Xenophanes: 3 votes (37.5%)
Parmenides: 0 votes (0%)
Anaximander: 1 votes (12.5%)
Empedocles: 0 votes (0%)
Heraclitus: 0 votes (0%)
Diogenes: 2 votes (25%)
Protagoras: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 8