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Anatomical Model Collection

Human Anatomy Model Collection: This collection is funded in part by a 2018-2019 Excellence in Education grant from the Office of the President.

Using the Model Collection

The Anatomical Model Collection is...

  • housed behind the main (Public Services) library desk

  • accessed by asking for a model by name or model number

Each model we have available is...

  • checked out for in-library use 4 hours at a time

  • accompanied by a print guide/legend of the model

  • able to be utilized simultaneously by multiple people seated at tables located on the first.

As long as no one else is waiting to use a specific model, you can check it out for an additional 4 hours.

Using this Guide

This guide provides...  

  • a picture of each model 

  • a PDF file of the guide/legend for each model (if available)

  • a link to the record of the model in our catalog to check availability (click the picture)

This guide is organized to...

  • provide an alphabetical list of all models

  • list specific models by body system (mimicking the order of use in an A&P course)

This collection is funded in part by a 2018-2019 & 2019-2020 Excellence in Education grants from the Office of the President.