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Borland and Tobin Awards

Information about the Borland and Tobin Awards

Anne Sloan Borland Award for Outstanding Library Research


2004       Greta Casale for The Effectiveness of a Youth Bullying Prevention Program and the Indication for Occupational Therapy Services in the Classroom

2005       Erin Swoger Floriani for What are the Indications, Contraindications, Short-Term Effects and Long-Term Effects of Using an Intrathecal Baclofen (ITB) Pump in Children Versus in Adults?

2006       Kristen Tolino for Searching the Literature for Evidence Based Tests that are Applicable in an Outpatient Clinical Setting Specializing in Neurological Rehabilitation

2007      Scott Weyant for A Comparative Analysis of Backpack Safety for Occupational and Physical Therapy Students at Saint Francis University

2008      Mollie Jo McKinley for An Assessment of Knowledge of Fall Prevention in Elderly Individuals in Independent Living Situations

2009      Hannah R. Lloyd for The Therapeutic Use of Interactive Video Games in the Treatment of Children with Visual Motor Skill Deficits

2010      Theresa Marie Hutton for Senior Health Science Students’ Knowledge of Mental Illness and Occupational Therapy’s Role in the Treatment at a Rural University  in Western Pennsylvania

2011      Andrea Cooper for A Survey on Fear of Falling and Activity Avoidance in Community-Dwelling Elderly and the Role of Occupational Therapy

2012      Staci Muszynski for Sleep and the Daily Occupations of College Students

2013      Nicole Sampson for Evaluation of Foster Parents’ Knowledge of Developmental Milestones and the Use of Play to Promote

2014      Rebekah Holenchik for Helping to Improve Fine Motor and Visual Motor Skills and Development in the Kindergarten Classroom by Implementing Sensory-Based Activities within the Curriculum

2015      Ashley D. Gibson for The Benefits of Sensory Integration Therapy Interventions

2016      Kelsey Oswalt for Evaluating College Students’ Knowledge of Primitive Reflexes and Their Importance in Infants

2017      Nicole Landis for Gender Differences in Pain Tolerance During Therapeutic Intervention

2018      Alexandra Buczkowski for A Systematic Review of Handwriting Programs and Interventions

2019       Kelly McCloud for The Effects of Stability Ball Seating on Attention, Arousal, and On-task Behavior

2020      Valerie Boles, Amanda Chumrik, Katherine Hann, Julia Kuehn, Brianna Scott for An Exploration of the Perception of Screen Time and Effects on Social Participation and Play in Early Childhood: a mixed methods study

2021      Evan Allen for The Workplace Gender Gap: History, Current Trends, and Solutions

2022       Mikayla Beck for

                 Lauren Montecalvo for


Margaret M. Tobin Award for Outstanding Library Research

1991                 Michael D. Donnelly for Saul Bellow: Men of Intellectual Isolation -- Dean Albert Corde and Moses E. Hertzog”

1992                 Michelle L. Kline for A Critical Analysis of Robert Browning’s A Toccata of Galuppie’s

1993                 Mark Durkay for Outcome Based Education: How Will It Work?

                          Murray Resinski for Relationships between Group Plurality and Political Violence in Third World Nations

                          Kristin Weixel for Jane and the Critics

1994                 Elizabeth Arnstein for The Cheering Never Stopped

1995                 Carol L. Hills for The Effects of an Intergenerational Program

1996                 Christine Leslie for Rural Nurses’ Attitudes and Subjective Norms Toward HIV/AIDS Patients: Underlying Factos Affecting Behavior Intentions to Care for this Population

1997                 Allyn McCombie for Advance Directives

1998                  James D. Tinnick II for State Size and Support for Direct Presidential Election

1999                 Sharon Cox for United Technologies Corporation

                        Matthew Ussia for Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires, An Unholy Trinity of Sex and Death in Western Culture

                        Carrie Blough for I Believe I Made My Pottery: A Case Study in Material Culture of Pennsylvania German Potters

2000                Ian West for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”

2001                Malissa Cadwallader for When the Fairytale’s Over

                        Heather Smith for Nineteenth-Century Women’s Fiction: Instructional Guides for the Young Lady – What to do or What not to do?

2002                Charles W. Wolfe for The Green Machines: Irish-American Machine Politics and Life in Boston New York, and Richard Daley’s Chicago

2003                Greta Casale for Review of the Literature Pertaining to the Effectiveness of a Bullying Prevention Program In Elementary School and the Indication for Occupational Therapy Services in the Classroom

2004                David Bienkowski for The “Lost Generation”: A Modernist Experience

2005               Charles W. Wolfe for Rally Around the Papal Flag: The Effect of Catholic Presidential Candidates on Catholic Voters

2006               Lauren Conley for From “Idiots” to “Participants”: Patriotic Women’s Contributions and Changing Roles During the American Revolution, 17-60-1790

                       David Sharbaugh for Managerial Rigidity and the Decline of the United States Steel Corporation; 1950-1986

2007              Taryn Gibson for The Professional Air Traffic Controllers Strike of 1981: A Failure in Collective Bargaining

                          Erin Maguire for Bloody Monday: National Nativist Attitudes and How They Affected Catholic Immigrants in Philadelphia and Louisville

                          Jeffery G. Stoyanoff for Legitimizing Harry Potter as Literature: A Multi-Perspective Analysis

2008                  Anastia Wypasek for Polish Romanticism, 1795-1863: Creating a National Identity

2009                  Carly Somma for The Means and Motivation of a Civil War Soldier: The Varying Experiences of Male and Female Soldiers

2010                  Katie Dacanay for Women and marriage in the Works of Jane Austen

                          Joscelyn Snyder for How can studying hyperinflation patterns in the 20th Century aide in studying and understanding hyperinflation patterns in the 21'st Century (A study of Germany, Hungarian, and Zimbabwean hyperinflation patterns)

2011                Brittany McElheny for A Full Dinner Pail Helps Children Learn

                        Andrew McKee for Playing and Praying: Maurice Stokes and the Saint Francis College Frankies

                       Amanda Young for Morals in Children’s Stories Fade with Technology and Time

2012                 Katie Dacanay for Accomplished: The Double-Edged Education of Girls in 19th Century Britain

                       Kayla Koba for Floortime: Playing for a Purpose

2013               Alex Muncert for Inconsistencies and Failures in North American Transcendentalism

                         Angela Taylor for “I can’t believe it’s not better!”:  The Hidden Horrors of Imitation Dairy

2014               Eric Sager for Prolotherapy: The Ultimate Healer

                        Tess Onink for Farewell, Lima

                         Andrew Keim for Race and Ideology in America:  In Search of Reason for the Iraq War

2015              Harry Olafsen for The Hijab as a Source of Oppression in France

                      Washi Gervais for Gender and Support for Gun-Control Measures:  Protective Weapons Women Gun Owners Wish They Didn’t Need

2016             Taylor James for One Drop Can Kill:  The Dangers of Nicotine Oil in E-Cigarettes

                     Rachel Sterling for Rape Culture: Alive and Well

2017              Kaitlyn Kitchen for Fighting Back:  The Influence of Ottoman Women from the Sixteenth to Nineteenth Century

                     Rachel Smith for Stem Cell Therapy for Regeneration of Left Lateral Sesamoid Bone

2018             Madaline Johnston for Janusz Korczak’s Contributions: Sacrificing to Enhance the Lives of Children

                       Anna Baughman for 10 Things I Hate About Man-Shrews 

                     Harry Olafsen for Over and over, forever and ever

2019            Jack Weidner for History Has Its Eyes on You, Lin

                    Cody Turnbaugh for Hidden Wounds, A Comparative Study of Mental Trauma in American Military History

2020            Olivia Fearer for Logotherapy to Reduce Prisoner Recidivism in America

                    Preslee Litzinger for Osteomalacia Secondary to Vitamin D Deficiency

2021           Paige Bacigal for Unachievable Integrity: The Current State of Modern Athletics

2022        Claire Oliver for

                   Sarah Zakrzwsky for