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Our Family Puzzle

Subcategories: Life Skills, Social Skills, Postural Development, Crossing Midline

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The Our Family puzzle by Playskool can be used to address a variety of skills. Life skills can be developed by utilizing this puzzle by explaining to the player the different components of family. This can be used to help the player learn about the people who make up their family or even explain that all families can look differently. Social skills can be practiced by using this puzzle by asking the player questions about their family based on the different puzzle pieces they select. This can help practice social skills with the player and help them learn how to maintain a conversation and answer questions. Postural development can be incorporated into this activity by having the player complete this activity while laying on their belly or sitting upright at a table. Both of these ways to complete the activity can help the player to develop core strength than can be helpful for other aspects of life. Crossing midline can be practiced by completing this activity by having the player use one hand to move the puzzle pieces and then place the puzzle on the opposite side so the player is forced to have to cross their midline and practice this skill.