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Puzzle Patch Sizes Puzzle

Primary Category: ADL Development

Subcategories: Life Skills, Sequencing, Problem Solving, Eye/Hand Coordination

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: This puzzle is a fun way for players to learn about sequencing and the difference between sizes. Life skills are developed through this puzzle because the players can learn about the differences in sizes when comparing different objects. The puzzle could be used to introduce this concept and then the player could be given everyday objects to use to practice putting them in order from size. Sequencing is taught by using this puzzle because the players learn about putting things in order but in this case based on size. This can help teach the concept of sequencing from smallest to largest. Problem solving skills can be developed by using this puzzle because the players must figure out by looking at the pieces which items are smaller and then which one would go next. Eye/hand coordination is involved in this when the player is actually looking at the puzzle pieces and trying to put the pieces together.