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Puzzle Patch Preschool Puzzles

Primary Category: ADL Development

Subcategories: Life Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Problem Solving, Social Skills

Description of how the toy can be used to fit the categories: The body and clothing puzzles are a great way to work on life skills that are important for ADLs. For example, these puzzles can be used to help the player understand the parts of the body and know what clothing items go where for dressing. This can help the player learn and understand how to dress themselves in a visual way which can help them with the ADL of dressing. Fine motor skills are incorporated into this activity as the player must use their fingers and hands to manipulate the puzzle pieces to take them off the board and put them back on the board in the appropriate spot. Problem solving skills are incorporated in this activity as the player can use these puzzles to figure out what clothing items go where on the puzzle and on themselves. It can also help the player work through any problems they may have with dressing. For example, if the player is struggling with putting their socks on before their shoes, this puzzle can help them work through this visually so they can see the sock piece fits before the shoe piece. Social skills can be developed by using these puzzles as the player could be asked what body part is on the puzzle piece, and then ask them to show you where it is on themselves and then tell you what clothing article goes on that part.