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Subtraction Flash Cards

Primary Category: ADL Development

Subcategories: Academics, Problem Solving, Long Term Memory, Attention Span

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The subtraction flashcards are a great way to practice simple subtraction skills with players. This flashcard game practices academic skills, specifically math subtraction skills. This is an interactive and fast paced way to practice math facts in a random order every time. This prevents players from simply memorizing math facts in order and not knowing how to actually do the math. Problem solving skills are necessary for the player because they must be able to figure out the correct answer to the math problem. The player can be educated on different ways to determine the correct answer including counting on their hands, drawing out the problem, or even talking it through. Long term memory skills are practiced by playing with these flashcards because the repetition of the math facts helps the player to remember them and move them into their long term memory from repeated rehearsal. Attention span can also be developed by playing with these flashcards because the player could be asked to do 10 cards before being able to take a break, and then increase that number over time.