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Shopping Cents Money Game

Primary Category: ADL Development

Subcategories: Academics, Problem Solving, Life Skills, Long Term Memory

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The Shopping Cents Money game is a fun way for players to practice math and reading skills. In order to play the game, the players must read the question on the food item cards and then solve the math problem on the card in order to win the card to put in their cart.This game also integrates the IADL (instrumental activity of daily living) of shopping into a fun game to practice the skills that are needed to develop the ability to complete this task. This game practices problem solving skills because the player must answer the math question correctly in order to gain the card for their cart. Life skills are also incorporated into this game as the player practices budgeting and money management through answering the questions on the cards. Long term memory is integrated into this game as the player must take from what they know about money and math facts and use it to play this game. This game could also be used to help players practice money math and math facts to consolidate them into long term memory.