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United States Floor Puzzle

Primary Category: ADL Development

Subcategories: Academics, Life Skills, Eye/Hand Coordination, Long Term Memory

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The United States Floor Puzzle is a fun and practical way for players to learn about geography. Academics are incorporated into this activity because the players can learn about the geography of the 50 states from putting this puzzle together. Players can also learn about the various bodies of water that surround the United States as well. Life skills are learned by putting this puzzle together because the players can see where they live in comparison to the other states on the map. They can also try to figure out where they are located in a state to give themselves a sense of reference. Eye/Hand coordination is involved in this activity because the players must find the different pieces that they need to complete the puzzle, and then place them in the appropriate spot to make the map puzzle. Long term memory can be developed by putting this puzzle together because players can learn about the placement of the different states in comparison to the others and aid in their geography and state placement skills.