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Go Fish

Primary Category: Cognitive Development
Concentration, Cause & Effect, Short Term Memory, Social Skills

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: Go Fish can be used to practice a variety of skills. This game requires concentration because the player must concentrate on the game to pay attention to what cards other players ask for. This can help the player to make their own matches and win the game. Cause and effect is practiced by playing this game because the player asks a question to the other players about a certain card and they either gain a match or must pick from the go fish pile. This shows that for every question they ask, there is an effect. Short term memory is incorporated into this game when the player listens to the other players ask for certain cards. The player needs to remember what cards other players ask for because this can help them to know who has the cards that they may need to make matches. Social skills are developed through this game as the players must ask and answer each other's questions to play the game. This can help players become more comfortable in social situations by practicing with a very straightforward script to follow.