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Exploding Volcano Kit

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Creativity/Imagination/Symbolic Play, Cause & Effect, Academics, Visual

Description of how the toy can be used to fit the categories: The exploding volcano kit is an interactive toy that inspires creativity for the player as they create their own functioning volcano out of the materials provided. The player is given all of the materials to create their own take of the volcano. Cause and effect is incorporated into this activity when the player mixes the chemicals provided to create the eruption of the volcano. As soon as the player mixes the chemicals for the lava, the volcano erupts. Academics are incorporated into this activity because the player learns about different chemicals that mix together to create a reaction. The players can also learn about volcanoes because the toy comes with a map that shows different volcanoes from around the world. Visual input is provided to the player when they mix the chemicals inside of the volcano that causes it to erupt. The “lava” creation will come flowing out of the top of the volcano after the player correctly mixes the chemicals for the lava.