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Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Sequencing, Problem Solving/Strategy, Concentration, Academics

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The game Flinch is a card game that requires the player to think things through and strategize. Sequencing is involved in this game when the player must match up their cards with the number cards that they place down. It is the player’s goal to try to get all of the numbers from 1-15 in a pile in numerical order in order to get rid of their cards. Problem solving/strategy is involved in this game because the player must think about how they must discard their cards and see how they can set up the cards that they have in order to make them go into numerical order. Strategy is also involved because the player must see how their cards fit into the piles in the middle of the game space and see which ones of their cards they can discard. Concentration is incorporated into this game because the players must focus on what is going on in the game and what cards they have. If another player has a card that could be played and that player does not play it, then the other players can call Flinch and they can get rid of one of their cards to the player who did not play the appropriate card. Therefore, concentration is important because it can help the player to be able to discard more of their cards. Academics can be incorporated into this game because the players can practice number recognition and counting skills. For example, the players always must put the numbers in numerical order, so they can practice counting to remember what card goes next. The game cards could also be used as flashcards to practice number recognition.