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Marvel Spider-sense : Spiderman 2 Card Game

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Problem Solving/Strategy, Sequencing, Social Skills, Cause & Effect

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: This fun card game pack incorporates two different card games. Go-Spidey is the fun Spiderman version of “Go Fish”, and Spider 8’s is just like “Crazy 8s”. For both of these games, the players must use problem solving skills and strategy to try to get rid of their cards. When a player asks another player if they have a card, they must strategize and go off of what they remember that player asking other people for to try to get matches to their card in Go-Spidey. For Spider 8s, the player also must strategize and see what one of their cards can match the card on the pile so they can discard a card. Sequencing is involved because each player must take an individual turn, and find a match for them. For Spider 8s, the players must match the cards with either the number or color on the pile in that order to discard their card. Social skills are incorporated into both games, but can really be practiced in Go-Spidey. In this game, the players must ask each other if they have a specific card and then answer appropriately if they have the card or not. This is good practice for initiating and ending conversations appropriately. Cause and effect is incorporated in both games because if a player asks you if they have a card, it affects your personal deck and match making abilities. If a player puts down a card on the pile that matches a number but is a different suit, it affects your ability to match the card because the number may have changed.