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Uno, Moo!

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Problem Solving, Attention Span, Social Skills, Visual Perception

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: Uno Moo is a fun take on the card game Uno. In this game, problem solving is necessary as the player must look to see what animal is on the ledge of the barn and then determine which one of their animals matches the color or animal. Attention span can be practiced by playing this game because all players must be paying attention to what the other players are doing. If the player is not paying attention, they may miss what color or animal is now on the ledge. Players need to pay attention also because it can help them plan on what animal or color of figure they need to put in the barn next. Social skills are practiced by playing this game as players can talk or have competitive banter while playing the game or even talk about what has just happened in the game. For example, players might discuss that they almost have uno or chat about the barn animals. Visual perception is necessary for players as they must identify the color and the animal that is on the ledge of the barn and then make a decision on what figure they have that will be best.