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75 Projects Lab

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Concentration, Fine Motor Skills, Life Skills, Eye/Hand Coordination

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The 75 Projects Lab is an interesting and challenging activity that helps players gain a lot of practical skills in engineering. Concentration is necessary for this activity because the players must be careful to follow the directions in the book carefully as to not wire something incorrectly. All of the tasks require close concentration because they also are all completed on the tiny little board. Fine motor skills are involved in this activity because the wiring and connections that need to be made require careful small hand and finger movements to create. Life skills can be incorporated into this activity because the player can learn about basic engineering skills and wiring skills that may interest them as a career path. This game helps them to learn about different wiring techniques and how they are done. Eye/Hand coordination is required for this activity because the players must see what wires need to be attached where and then carefully move them to the correct position.