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Advance to Boardwalk

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Attention Span, Transitions, Fine Motor Skills, Academics

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The game Advance to Boardwalk is a fun game that resembles the popular game of Monopoly. This game requires the player to work on their attention span, as the game can go on for a good amount of time but does have a distinct endpoint unlike Monopoly. If the player struggles with their attention span, they could be asked to play for so many rounds without being distracted and then be allowed to take a break. Over time, the number of rounds could be increased. Transitions are practiced by playing this game as the player must be able to transition from one task to another. For example, the player must go from rolling the dice, to picking a card if appropriate, to purchasing properties. This requires the player to go from one task to another and practice starting and stopping different things. Fine motor skills can be practiced when the player rolls the dice and moves their game piece around the board. These skills can also be practiced when the player places their properties on the game board. Academics are incorporated into this game when the player deals with their money to purchase property. For example, math skills are required when the player figures out if they want to use the two amounts they roll separately or if they want to add them together and purchase a property for that price. This requires additional skills.