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Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Fine Motor Skills, Academics, Emotional Regulation, Cause & Effect

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: CandyLand is a fun and classic game that takes players on an adventure. Fine motor skills are incorporated into this game when the players spin the spinner and advance their pieces on the board. Academics can be incorporated into this game because it practices color recognition and counting skills as the player progresses through the game. For example, when the player spins the spinner, they must recognize the color they land on, then advance the number of blocks that they see on the spinner. Counting is involved when the player must count how many blocks they can advance. Emotional regulation can be practiced while playing this game because sometimes players can land on a spot that allows them to advance greatly or go backwards a big distance on the board. If a player lands on either of these spots, they must be able to accept this and not throw a tantrum or get overly excited and cocky to the other players. Sometimes the player could land on a licorice card that would require them to lose a turn. The player must be able to accept this and continue playing the game without getting overly upset. Cause and effect is incorporated into this game because for every spot that the players land on the spinner, it causes them to move their piece forward. The actual game tiles also have cause and effect because if the player lands on an arrow tile, then they get to advance on the board. Or, if they land on a licorice then they must lose a turn,