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Chess/Backgammon/Checkers Family Classic Combos

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Problem Solving/Strategy, Concentration, Fine Motor Skills, Visual Scanning

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: This game pack includes three different games in one that can be used to develop a variety of cognitive skills for the player. Problem solving and strategy are involved in all of these games because the goal for all of them is to capture the opponent’s players or have all of their own pieces removed from the board. This requires the player to strategize and problem solve how they are going to get either their pieces across the board, or if they will be able to capture their opponent’s game pieces and win the game. Concentration is important for all of these games because the player must focus on the game and always be thinking about what moves they can make next or how their opponent is going to move. If the player is not concentrating on the game, they could miss out on an important move or their opponent could capture their game piece. Fine motor skills are incorporated into all of these games when the player picks up the little game pieces and moves them around the board to the appropriate spot. This practices fine motor skills. Visual scanning is also practiced in these games because it is important for the player to always be scanning the game board to see what moves they can make and what moves their opponent may make.