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Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Academics, Problem Solving, Concentration, Sequencing

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: Yahtzee is a game where players can practice a variety of academic skills. In Yahtzee, the players must roll the dice and add up all of the numbers from the dice. To fill out the sheet, the player must add the point values when they meet the criteria for the line, and at the end of the game, the players must add up all of their totals from the score sheet to determine a winner. Yahtzee also helps players to practice probability skills with rolling the dice and meeting the different criteria from the score sheet. Problem solving is involved in Yahtzee as the player must determine if it is best to reroll all of their dice, or if they should keep what they have. Problem solving also is involved when the player decides what criteria they are going to meet with their roll on the scorecard. Concentration is very important in this game because the players must be able to focus on the point values and scorecard. The players also must concentrate on their dice rolls, and think through their decisions when they are rolling the dice based on their scorecard. Sequencing is involved in Yahtzee when the player must try to get sequences or sets of the same number by rolling the dice. It is also involved when the players try to get one criteria met on their scorecard at a time and then move to the next criteria to mark off to get points.