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Outburst Jr

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Long Term Memory, Social Skills, Problem Solving, Concentration

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories:The game Outburst Junior is a fun way for players to practice long term memory skills. The players are required to name as many items as they can remember about a certain topic and try to name items that are on the question card. In order to come up with the items for each category, the player must pull from their long term memory and what they know about a topic to be able to answer the questions. Social skills are incorporated into this game because the players are divided into teams where one team says the category and the other team provides as many answers that they can remember. This helps players to practice initiating conversation and appropriately answering questions. As the game is played in a group setting, it can help players feel more comfortable in conversations as all the team members are shouting out answers together. Problem solving is incorporated into this game because the players must be able to figure out what the best answers are that they think would be on the card. This requires them to think of as many items that they can and figure out which ones they think are most likely to be on the game card. Concentration is incorporated into this game because the player must focus and really think about all the answers that would be possible answers on the game card. The player must concentrate on the topic to be able to answer with the most correct answers and win the game.