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Giant Spoons

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Concentration, Response Speed, Problem Solving, Visual Scanning

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: Giant Spoons is a fun variation on the classic card game spoons that incorporates the use of large spoon toys. This game helps to develop concentration skills for the players because in order to stay in the game, the players must always be concentrating on the cards to try to get four of the same kind and focusing on the spoons on the table to make sure no one picks any up. If the player is not concentrating on the game, they could be eliminated. Response speed is very important in this game because the players must pick up the spoon as quickly as they can when either they get four of the same kind of card or notice that someone else has picked up a spoon. This game can help to practice response speed and help players develop a quicker response speed over time. Problem solving is involved in this game because the player must decide to either switch out a card that they have in their hand or decide to just pass the cards along. This requires the players to think about what the best decision for them is and strategize if it is worth the risk or not. Visual scanning is incorporated into this game because the players must keep scanning their environment to make sure that no one has picked up the spoons. This requires the player to continually scan the environment and their cards to make sure they are not eliminated from the game.