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U-Build Connect 4

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Problem Solving, Creativity/Imagination/Symbolic Play, Fine Motor Skills, Concentration

Description of how game/toy can be used to fit the categories: U-Build Connect 4 is a fun and interactive game where players can build their own version of Connect 4. Problem solving skills are involved in this game when players are figuring out how they will get four of their pieces to line up in a row. Problem solving skills are also incorporated when the player is building the game board to design it in a way that will help them drop their pieces in. Creativity and imagination are incorporated into this version of the game because the players can build the game board. The players can set up the top part of the board so they can use the handles to bounce their game pieces in or even build the slots for their pieces to go into. The possibilities with the game board are endless! Fine motor skills are incorporated into this activity as the players pick up their game pieces and place them into the slot or even use the handles they can make to bump their pieces into the slot. Concentration is important for this game because the players must be able to focus on the game and where their game pieces are on the board so that they can figure out how they will get four of their pieces in a row. If they are not focusing on the game, the other players could block their attempt to get their pieces in a row.