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Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Social Skills, Visual, Problem Solving/Strategy, Eye/Hand Coordination

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The game Fibber is a fun and interactive game that is great for players to practice social skills. In the game, players must set down as many cards as they want and say that they have a set of matching cards to the group. For example, the player could say “I have two bigfoot cards”. Players can either believe what they have said or say “Fibber” if they think the player is bluffing. All of this practices social skills. The players also must judge the character’s actions and demeanor which can be practice of social skills to try to see if the player is lying. Visual input is integrated into the game as the players have colorful caps to put on their noses when they are caught lying or bluffing in the game. The board and game cards are also very colorful and vibrant. Problem solving skills and strategy are involved in this game because the player must think of how many cards they want to risk to get the players to believe them. They have to strategize a realistic strategy to employ in order to get rid of as many cards as they can. Eye/hand coordination is incorporated into this game when the players are caught as fibbers and must place the caps on their noses. This requires the player to line up the cap with their nose piece which practices this skill.