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Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Fine Motor Skills, Creativity/Imagination/Symbolic Play, Social Skills, Problem Solving

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The game Cranium incorporates a variety of skills for players to practice. Cranium practices fine motor skills as the players use a pencil, or use their hands to create different things depending on what the question cards say. Players also practice fine motor skills when they move their pieces on the board and roll the dice. Creativity and imagination are incorporated into this game when the players must either act out, draw, or make out of clay different items or ideas. The card the player selects determines which way the player will practice creativity. Social skills are incorporated into this game because players must read the question cards out loud and work as a team. Players also practice social skills when they act out an idea or topic from the game card. Problem solving is incorporated into this game because players must figure out how they will display the answer to the game card question to the other players. For example, if the player selects a card that requires them to act something out, they must figure out the best way to depict it so that other players can guess what they are showing.