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Escape Medusa’s Rage

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Emotional Regulation, Fine Motor Skills, Social Skills, Problem Solving

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The game Escape Medusa’s Rage is a fun game that requires players to be the first player to get to the castle and escape Medusa. Emotional regulation can be practiced during this game because there are some cards where the players could be sent backwards many spaces, or other players can pick a player to send back a certain number of spaces. It may be frustrating for a player if they are very close to the finish line and are sent all the way back to Medusa on spot -21. Players can practice regulating these emotions of anger and frustration by having the supervisor give them tips on how to control their emotion and keep playing the game. Fine motor skills are incorporated into this game when the player moves their pawn and rolls the dice. Social skills can be practiced while playing this game because the players must read the game cards aloud and then tell other players to either advance spaces or go backward. Problem solving and strategy are involved in this game because sometimes the player can decide to go forward or backwards. If the player is really close to the 21 spot, they must get exactly the number of spaces to get to 21. Therefore if they are 3 spots away, they must get a card that tells them to advance 3 spaces. 4 spaces would put them over. This requires strategy because the players must figure out how they will get to the 21 spot.