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Tri-ominos for Kids

Primary Category: Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Problem Solving/Strategy, Visual Scanning, Cause & Effect, Academics

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The game Tri-ominos is an animal themed game that can help players practice a variety of skills including matching and problem solving skills. Problem solving and strategy skills can be practiced by playing this game because the players must match the animals and numbers to the tiles already in the game to play. This requires two sides of the triangle to match to be able to place the tile down. This requires these skills because the players must figure out how to match the tiles by arranging them or moving them around to match. Visual scanning is necessary for this game because the players must scan the tiles that they have and the ones that are already in the game to see what tiles match so they can use them. This requires the player to look carefully at all the tiles and try to see where it would match up. Cause and effect are incorporated into this game when the players place a tile down that matches one already in the game. This causes other players to then try to match the other side of the tile they put down to get rid of their tiles. Academics are incorporated into this game because the tiles include numbers and little animals that players can use to count and see what number they need to match. If playing this game in the advanced version, players must add up a certain number of points which can practice addition by adding up the numbers on the tiles.