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Bilingual Memory Mate

Primary Category: Language Development

Subcategories: Academics, Social Skills, Long Term Memory, Life Skills

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The LeapFrog Bilingual Memory Mate game is a fun way for players to learn English and Spanish words. Academics can be practiced while playing with this toy because the cards help players with vocabulary recognition for both English and Spanish. This can be a fun way for players to learn the different words and associate them with a picture. Social skills can be developed by playing with this game because players learn a variety of vocabulary words that they can use to communicate. This game could also be played by having the players say each word when they put the pieces together. Long term memory can be worked on by playing this game because the connecting of the cards can help players make connections between English and Spanish words and rehearse the information so it can be taken to long term memory. Life skills are developed by playing this game because players can learn how to speak a different language which is a very important life skill. This can help them practice either the language they are less familiar with or develop object recognition skills.