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Primary Category: Language Development

Subcategories: Academics, Social Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Problem Solving

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: This fun take on the classic game Hangman provides players with a visual way to play this game. As the players have their own work spaces, their opponent can visually see how close they are to getting a Hangman and running out of guesses. Academics can be practiced by using this game because the players must practice spelling and letter recognition. The players can also use the little letter tiles that come with the game to practice spelling without playing the actual game. Social skills can be developed by playing this game because the players must ask each other if different letters are in the word that their opponent is thinking of. This helps players to practice starting conversation and ending conversations appropriately. Fine motor skills can be practiced by playing this game when the players pick up the little letter tiles and move them around. Fine motor skills can also be practiced by laying out all of the different letter tiles and either picking them up and moving them into alphabetical order or just lining them up in rows. Problem solving skills are developed by playing this game because the players must try to guess and figure out what word their opponent is trying to spell based on the length of the word and the letters they can guess to fill in.