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Hip-O’s Menu Match

Primary Category: Language Development

Subcategories: Academics, Social Skills, Life Skills, Fine Motor Skills

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The Hooked on Phonics Hip-O’s Menu Match game is a fun game that can help players work on a variety of skills. Academics can be worked on by playing this game because the players must figure out if any of the letters that they flipped over make the letter sound in any of the food items they flipped over. For example, if a player flips over an A, they could match the A card and a picture of an apple. This can help with letter recognition as well as learning the different letter sounds and words that begin with that sound. Social skills can be practiced by playing this game because the player is supposed to say the letter that they flip over and then also say the names of the different food items that they flipped over. This can help get players comfortable with speaking in front of others. Life skills can be practiced with the pieces of this game by having the player practice basic cooking skills with the spatula and different food cards. This can help players practice the practical skill of using a spatula and coordinating the arm and wrist movements that are necessary to use it. Fine motor skills can be developed by working on this activity because the players must spin the spinner as well as use the spatula with their fingers and hands.