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Fish Magnetic Card Game

Primary Category: Physical/Sensory Motor Development

Subcategories: Visual Scanning, Eye/Hand Coordination, Crossing Midline, Response Speed

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The Fish Magnetic Card Game can be used to play traditional “Go Fish” or it can be used in this adapted way to work on a variety of skills. Visual scanning can be practiced by playing this game by putting all of the different cards up on a magnetic board. Then, the player must scan the board to see the different matches of the fish cards on the board. Eye/Hand coordination can be practiced by then having the player when they see the cards that match grab them off of the board and collect them together. Crossing midline can be practiced by this activity because the players can only use the opposite hand from where the card is to grab the cards off of the board. This requires the player to practice crossing midline. Response speed can be incorporated into this game as well by having the players grab the cards that match off of the board as fast as they can to try to improve their response speed.