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LEGO Lava Dragon

Primary Category: Physical/Sensory Motor Development

Subcategories: Creativity/Imagination/Symbolic Play, Fine Motor Skills, Cause & Effect, Pinch/Grasp

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The fun and exciting game of LEGO Lava Dragon is a great way for players to practice a variety of skills. Creativity and imagination can be incorporated into this game because the players get to build the actual volcano piece for the game. This becomes the game board. The players could also use the LEGOs to create whatever they would like to. Fine motor skills can be practiced by completing this game because the players must put the volcano together as well as move their little figures up the game piece. Fine motor skills can also be worked on by rolling the dice. Cause and effect is involved in this game because the different dice sides can cause different things in the game. For example, if the player rolls one with an orange piece, they must place a lava piece in front of their opponent. Pinch/Grasp can be developed by playing with this game because the players must use a pinch grasp to move their tiny little players up the game volcano.