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Vehicle Puzzle

Primary Category: Physical/Sensory Motor Development

Subcategories: Eye/Hand Coordination, Hand Strengthening, Crossing Midline, VIsual

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories:

The Vehicle Puzzle is a fun way for players to develop a variety of skills by putting together this vehicle-themed puzzle with trains, trucks, helicopters, etc. Eye/hand coordination is incorporated into this activity when the player sees the puzzle pieces and then coordinates their arm movements to pick up and move the pieces on and off of the board. By moving the pieces around, the players can build hand strength due to the strength that is needed to pick up and move the pieces. Crossing midline can be practiced by completing this puzzle if the puzzle is placed on the right side of the body and then the left hand is used to place the pieces on the board. This can be switched for the opposite side as well, and can help players practice crossing the midline of their bodies. Visual input is provided to the players because the puzzle is 3D. The pieces of the puzzle stick out a good bit from the board, which creates a 3D effect for the player.