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Tin of Fun

Primary Category: Physical/Sensory Motor Development and Cognitive Development

Subcategories: Fine Motor Skills, Eye/Hand Coordination, Attention Span, Problem Solving

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The Tin of Fun incorporates a variety of fun games that the player can pick from. Some of the games in the game box such as jacks, marbles, and using the little straws practice fine motor skills. All of these games work on coordination of the finger and hand muscles. Eye/hand coordination is incorporated into almost all of the activities in this tin. For example jacks, marbles, chess, and checkers all require the player to see either an item or a place on a game board and move their hand or a game piece. Attention span can be worked on by using this tin of fun as the player has a variety of different games to pick from. If a player needs to practice expanding their attention span, they could be asked to pick a game and play it for a set amount of time, then they are able to pick another game to play. As the player picks more games, the time spent playing the game could gradually be increased. Problem solving is required for most of the games and activities included in this tin. For example, jacks require the player to figure out how they will bounce the ball and be able to pick up the pieces at the same time. Chess and checkers require the player to figure out how to maneuver their game pieces to either capture their opponents’ pieces or get across the board.