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Double Dance Mania

Primary Category: Physical Development

Subcategories: Reflex Maturity, Response Speed, Crossing Midline, Concentration

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories:

Double Dance Mania is great fun for everyone! The game includes a highly decorated dance mat with light-up arrows. Choose from different dance routines and pre-programmed tunes. With different skill levels and automatic scoring, you can dance alone or challenge another competitor to see who will be the shining star! The game requires players to use reflex maturity as the game requires to use posture, movement, and stability when stepping on the different arrows when they light up to the music and display it on the television. The response speed is measured based on how fast the individual steps on the arrows when they light up. This will vary depending on whether they can catch each arrow or if they miss some of them since they are still moving from the previous one. As each individual is dancing to the music they will have to cross midline as their legs will have to go in different directions since different arrows on the mat light up at the same time. In order to be successful at becoming a shining star, players will have to concentrate on every move of their leg placement on the dance mat as the song plays.