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Hi Ho Cherry-O

Primary Category: Physical/Sensory Motor Development

Subcategories: Pinch/Grasp, Academics, Fine Motor Skills, Crossing Midline

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The game Hi Ho Cherry-O is a fun game that can help players practice a variety of practical skills. Pinch and grasp can be practiced when the children pick up and move the cherries from the tree to the barrel. A pinch grip can be used to pick up the cherries. This helps develop the skills necessary to hold a pencil. Academics can be practiced by playing this toy by having the players count the cherries that they have on their tree. The players also must practice counting when they spin the spinner and see how many cherries they must move into their barrel. Fine motor skills are practiced by playing this game when the players pick up and move the cherries to and from their tree and barrel. Fine motor skills are also required when the player spins the spinner. Crossing midline can be practiced by playing this game if the player only reaches for the cherries by reaching across the middle of their body. For example, if the player must move cherries from their tree to the barrel, they could use their left hand to ensure they have to cross their body to grab them.