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Primary Category: Sensory Integration

Subcategories: Auditory, Problem Solving, Fine Motor Skills, Long Term Memory

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The game Soundtracks is an fun and interactive game for players to learn different sounds and process what the sound is. Auditory input is provided to the player by the disk that is played with a variety of different sounds. This game practices auditory processing as well because the player must recognize the sound and then put their chip on the picture of the sound. The actual disk of sounds could be used with players who have auditory overload or sensory integration problems because the sounds could be played to help them get used to different sounds and practice how to deal with sounds that are unpleasant to them. Problem solving skills can be practiced by playing this game because players must listen to the different sounds and then figure out what sound is being played to them based on their card. Fine motor skills can be practiced by playing this game because players must place the chips on their game board. When the player does this, they are practicing fine motor skills by picking up and manipulating the little chips to place on the appropriate spot on their game board. Long term memory skills are incorporated into this game because the players must remember the sounds that they are hearing and use that memory to identify the sound. This can help players practice long term memory retrieval in a fun way.