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Primary Category: Sensory Integration

Subcategories: Tactile, Visual, Creativity/Imagination/Symbolic Play, Academics

Description of how the toy can be used to fit the categories: This soft and interactive book titled Mermaids is a fun way for players to have an interactive experience with reading. The book provides the reader with tactile stimulation as the book has a soft and velvety texture. The player can also open the book up and have pages open outward and expand to be huge pages. This book provides visual stimulation to the player because they can make the book become 3D or they can use the mermaid figures to set up on the pages that open to become a play mat. Some of the pages also have glitter or 3D parts that flip open so the player can view what is hiding underneath. There is also a page that has a mirror where the player can see themselves and read how it fits into the story. Creativity and imagination can be incorporated into this book because the pages open to become a play mat, and little mermaid figures are included. Therefore, the player can set up scenes using the mermaids or even attach them to the regular pages of the book. The possibilities are endless! Academics can be incorporated into this book because the players can practice reading. The words in this book are not complex, and can help players practice reading.