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Studio Pets (Soft Shapes Animals Felt Book)

Primary Category: Sensory Integration

Subcategories: Tactile, Academics, Social Skills, Fine Motor Skills

Description of how the toy can be used to fit the categories: This soft felt book can be a great resource for players who need tactile sensory integration. The texture of the book is soft and squishy and provides the player with tactile input. The player can also pick up the felt animals out of the book to see the answer to the question “What sound does the animal make” on each page. This book can help players learn about different animals and what sounds the animal makes. This can be an educational tool to use with players who need practice with animal recognition and what sounds animals make. Social skills can be practiced by asking the player what sound the animal makes before removing the felt animal from the page to reveal the animal sound. This can help the child practice answering questions and communicate their response. Fine motor skills are integrated into this reading activity as the player must be able to pick up the felt animal out of the book to reveal the correct answer for the animal sound. The player can then place the animal back into the book like a puzzle to practice fine motor skills more.