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Wooden Bowling Pin Set

Primary Category: Vision

Subcategories: Gross Motor Skills, Problem Solving, Eye/Hand Coordination, Depth Perception

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: This game is a fun take on the classic game of bowling. This wooden bowling set can be a great way to work on gross motor skills with players. The game requires the player to be able to bend down to pick up the ball and then move their arm to roll the ball into the pins. The player also works on gross motor skills when they have to walk over to the pins they knocked over and put them back up. Problem solving skills are developed through playing this game when the player must figure out how to knock all of the pins down. These skills are especially developed when the player is trying to knock down all of the pins when the pins are spread out. The player must figure out the best way to throw the ball to get the most pins knocked down. Eye/Hand coordination is practiced during this game as the player must aim to see where they want to roll the ball to hit the pins and then coordinate their arm and hand movements to aim and release the ball to hit the pins. Depth perception can be improved by playing this game because the player must judge the distance that they are from the pins and then calibrate the appropriate strength and aim they need to be able to hit the pins.