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Puzzles avaiable for check out :
Castle Vineyard
Chateau De La Caze (500 Pieces)
Classic Corvette: Photomosaics
Disney’s George of the Jungle (100 Pieces)
Dora the Explorers Lets Make Wishes Come True
Dr. Seuss Floor Puzzle
German Village
Granimals Barn Puzzle
Historic Pennsylvania
Jeff Gordon
Kansas City Chiefs
Kid’s Puzzle Bucket
Little Kiddies Frame Tray Puzzle
North Rose Window Norte Dame de Paris
Parkville Pumpkins
Puzzle Doubles – Counting Zoo Puzzle and Poster
Puzzle Patch Crayon Color Puzzle
State Birds and Flowers : White Mountain Puzzles
State Flags and Capitals : White Mountain Puzzles
The Gables
The Little Mermaid My Size Puzzle
The Waiting Fleet
Thing’s That  Fly
Thomas and Friends
Tulip Field
Wooden Number Puzzle

Primary Category: Vision

Subcategories: Visual Scanning, Eye/Hand Coordination, Attention Span, Problem Solving

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: Visual scanning is a very important skill that can be worked on using this game. In order to put the puzzle together, the player must scan the environment for the appropriate piece that matches the pieces they have together. Eye/Hand coordination can be practiced in completing this puzzle as the player must first see what piece they need to complete the puzzle and then use their hand to select the appropriate piece. Attention span is necessary for this task as the player must pay attention to the task in order to complete the puzzle and because there are many pieces to this puzzle, it may take a while for the player to complete this task. This puzzle can be used to have a player practice attending to a task for an extended period of time. Problem solving is required to use this game because the player must figure out what piece goes where, and how all of the pieces come together to make the final product.