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Whac-A-Mole: Molehill Mania!

Primary Category: Vision

Subcategories: Visual Scanning, Eye/Hand Coordination, Response Speed, Bilateral Integration

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories:

 Whac-A-Mole is a fun game that can help the player practice visual scanning skills. When the players hit the lever and knock all of the moles out of the molehill, they then must use the mallet to collect either all of the moles or a specific color of mole. To find the moles, the player must scan the environment to see where the mole landed after it flew out of the molehill. Eye/Hand coordination can be practiced in a few ways by playing this game. When the player hits the lever to make the moles fly out of the molehill. the player needs to coordinate their arm movement to line up with the lever so they hit it. Eye/Hand coordination is also involved when the player uses the mallet to collect the moles. The player must first find the mole and then use the mallet to line up with the mole to hit it and collect it in the mallet. Response speed is important in this game, because if two players are playing the game, it is a race to see who can collect more moles, or all of the moles of a specific color the quickest. Bilateral integration could be integrated into this game if one player is playing the game. The player could put one mallet in each hand, and then hit the lever at the same time to make the moles fly out of the molehill. Then, the player could collect the moles using both hands at the same time.