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Simon Optix

Primary Category: Vision

Subcategories: Visual Perception, Eye/Hand Coordination, Visual, Short Term Memory

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The game Simon Optix is a fun and interactive game that works on a variety of vision skills for players. Visual perception is incorporated into this game because the player must interpret the pattern that they see from the glasses on their eyes and then repeat it. Eye/Hand coordination is incorporated into this game when the player sees the pattern and then correctly moves their hand in front of the glasses to repeat the pattern. This game provides the player with visual input because they are required to wear the glasses that flash lights. This visual input comes in the form of colors that flash at different places on the glasses. Short term memory is incorporated into this game because the player must remember the pattern that was displayed to them on their goggles and then repeat it correctly back to win the round. As the rounds increase, the patterns become progressively more complex with more added to the sequence.