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I Spy 3D

Primary Category: Vision

Subcategories: Visual, Visual Scanning, Visual Perception, Academics

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: This fun take on I Spy is a 3D edition of the well known search and find game. This game provides visual input to the player when they put on the 3D glasses and look for the items to look 3D and pop out of the game board. Visual scanning is involved in this game when the players are searching for the specific item that is specified on their rhyming card. The player must scan the game card which practices visual scanning which is helpful for other life skills like reading. Visual perception is required for this game because the players must read what items they need to find, then interpret what the items would look like and then find them on the game board. Academics are involved in this game because the game cards provide a series of rhyming words. By reading the words on the card, the players can learn different words that rhyme and practice rhyming skills. Reading and rhyming are practical skills that can help the players with grammar.