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Hands Down

Primary Category: Vision

Subcategories: Response Speed, Visual Scanning, Eye/Hand Coordination, Attention Span

Description of how the game can be used to fit the categories: The game Hands Down is a fun and speedy game that players will love. This game can help players practice response speed, because if the player gets a match, they must be able to react quickly and smack their hand piece before the other players do to avoid a penalty. Visual scanning is important in this game because the player always needs to be scanning the environment to make sure none of the players are getting ready to hit the hand piece. However, they must be careful because sometimes the player may fake hitting the piece. If they fake it and a player hits their hand piece, they receive a penalty of giving one of their cards to the pile. Eye/Hand coordination is practiced in this game because when it is appropriate, the player must see their hand piece and coordinate their movement to smack the piece quickly so they do not end up last. Attention span can be developed by playing this game because it is very fast paced and always requires the players to be doing something. The players also always must be paying attention to the game or they could miss someone hitting their hand piece and end up being the last player to react.