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Primary Category: Vision

Subcategories: Problem Solving/Strategy, Fine Motor Skills, Visual Scanning, Visual Perception

Description of how game/toy can be used to fit the categories: Battleship is a game of strategy that practices a variety of skills for the players. Problem solving and strategy are involved in this game because the players must try to find and sink the opponent’s ship. This requires them to send out various attacks and see if it hits the opponent’s ship. Fine motor skills are developed by playing this game when the players place the pegs on their game board. The pegs are small pieces and fine motor skills are practiced when the players pick up these pieces and move them to fit on the board. Visual scanning is necessary for this game because players must scan the game board to see where they would like to aim their attack and also see where they have already tried to attack on their board. It is important for the player to keep scanning the board so that they can figure out where their best option is to attack. Visual perception is necessary in this game because the player must look at their board and then from what the player says, find the row and column where they sent the attack to and place a peg there. This requires the player to do visual and auditory processing.