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Executive Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership and Innovation

Library Information for Doctoral Students

When doing research for a large project, such as your dissertation, keeping your resources organized and easy to access is important. In this section you will find information for storage of files and for saving and managing sources if you choose to use a citation manager.

Data Storage and Management

You will want to get into the habit of storing your files in one location to avoid losing or misplacing files. Saint Francis uses Microsoft tools, so my recommendation is to use your personal OneDrive account to store your files. You can download the OneDrive app to your personal computer, if you do not have it already, so you can sync files from your cloud storage to your local computer as well.

To access your OneDrive, login your SFU Outlook account, and then click the 9 dot grid in the top left corner and click on OneDrive         .

You can either upload files directly to this drive, or you can open the app on your desktop which will allow you to save directly to the folder on your personal computer. You will see the OneDrive in your file explorer.

Citation Managers

There are a few different tools you can use if you choose to use a citation manager, the two that I will be discussing are Zotero and Mendeley Cite. Both are resources that allow you to save most resources with one click of a button. The tools will capture the citation information such as author, title, URL, etc. and then allow you to group and organize them. You will also have the ability to generate bibliographies and in text citations as well.