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Complete Your Assignment - With SFU Library

Why Use a Library?

Your Tuition at Work

Your tuition pays for classes and access to academic support. That includes access to collections of high-quality academic resources and help from professionals.

Collections Are Reviewed

College libraries have books and periodicals that have been purchased specifically for the programs and classes at that institution. Librarians select materials that are reliable, relevant, and useful for academic research. They read book reviews and access networks of experts in various fields to know which sources are best!

Libraries Are Organized & Come With Help

Collections are classified by subject and organized using standardized terminology which can take the guesswork out of finding sources! Librarians are search experts and professionally trained to help you navigate the information sources you have access to.

Paywalls and Databases

Libraries Get You Through Paywalls

paywalls block you from accessing content without paying

If you've ever tried to read an article online and were asked to subscribe or pay, you know what a  paywall is. Libraries subscribe to millions of publications so that you never have to pay for access to newspapers, magazines, or journals while you are in school.