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Complete Your Assignment - With SFU Library

Finding Books

If you need a book for your assignment, the search box above is a great place to start. The search is already limited to just books, ebooks and print books as well. Once you start your search, you can then limit your search down as needed. Some common options might be the date range, format (print or ebook) and where it is located (i.e. if you need a print book, you will want to limit to Saint Francis if you cannot wait for an interlibrary loan). 


Examples of filters:

If you need to located a print book in the library, you will need to write down the call number from the catalog record. Here is an example of a record for a print book:

To find this title, you will go to the lower level of the library, and then find the row that has the 370s. Ranges are listed on the end of each aisle.

Once you find the 307, then look for what comes after the decimal, 155.

After you located the 370.115s look for C9347