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Finding Articles

If you need an article for your assignment, the search box above is a great place to start. The search is already limited to just articles, full-text and abstracts as well. While a full-text is more convenient and quicker, sometimes the perfect article is not something we own at Saint Francis. If we do not have the full text, you can easily request through interlibrary loan and our turnaround time is typically less that 1 day. Once you start your search, you can then limit your search down as needed.


Examples of filters:

When searching Discover! you will come across items that Saint Francis does not own and these will say "At other libraries worldwide." If this article looks like something you would like to get access to, click on the title and then click the button on the far right for interlibrary loan.

If you do not have time to wait for an interlibrary loan item, even though our turnaround time is extremely fast and sometimes in the same day, you can choose to limit your search by the  "Held By Library" filter, shown on the left, and choose Saint Francis University.