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Information Literacy Program

Outlines the plan, delivery and assessment for Information Literacy (IL) at SFU.

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First-Year Program Assessment

Gathered in workshops and through student and faculty surveys.

FYPL -  First Year Personal Librarian

Presence at Freshmen Check-In

Research assistance statistics (Indirect)

Information Literacy Workshops

   Count of...

  • Workshops offered (Indirect)
  • In-Class sessions offered (Indirect)
  • Session attendance each semester (Indirect)


        Content Assessment questions (Direct)

         Satisfactory completion (60% or higher) is required to receive credit for attendance. (Direct)

  CORE 113 Final Paper Rubric

         Percentage of students receiving a score at or above a 1 in the Research Criterion. (Direct)

Information Services and Instruction Assessment

Reference Services

In support of instruction, we provide 47.5 hours a week of reference services via text, chat, email, and face-to-face interactions either at the reference desk, in our offices, or in classrooms/on campus.

   Count of...

  • contacts based on type of information sought
  • contacts via media avenues

Research Interaction Evaluation  (Indirect)


Information Literacy Instruction Program

   Count of...

  • Instruction sessions
  • Instructors in collaboration
  • Departments in collaboration
  • Students reached

   Faculty Evaluation of Insruction  (Indirect)

  Student Evaluation of Instruction (Indirect)

Institutional Components

The professional librarians work with the General Education Department in gathering and reporting assessment on Information Literacy at the institutional level.   

 IDEA (Indirect)

Objective 9: Learning how to find and use resources for answering questions or solving problems.

CORE 113 Final Papers Rubric / Core 407 Keystone Rubric (Direct)

Comparison of scores in common criterion categories for cohorts provides a measeurement of assessment over time. This measurement seeks to identify improvement in skills and abilities.

CORE 407 Keystone Rubric (Direct)

Measurement of Informaiton Literacy skills over time, conducted and reported by the General Education department.

Assessment Cycle

Information Literacy Workshop

   Fall/Spring 2013-2014 - Your Academic Library & Avoid Plagiarism

   Fall/Spring 2014-2015 - Citation & Search Databases

   Fall 2015-2016 - Website Evaluation

   Then the cycle repeats.

Information Literacy Instruction 

   Faculty Instruction Evaluation Survey: Each semester.

Research Interaction Evaluation

   Research Interaction Survey: Each Semester (select weeks).

Institutional Measurement of Information Literacy

IDEA Obj. 9

   Review of data yearly.

CORE 113 Rubric (direct)

   Each Semester           

CORE 407 Keystone Rubric

   Fall/Spring 2014-2015 -  (direct measurement of IL skills over time, Gen. Ed. Timetable)

Grading Scale

93 -100 = A

90 - 92 = A –

88 - 89 = B +

82 - 87 = B

80 - 81 = B –

78 - 79 = C +

70 - 77 = C

60 - 69 = D

59 - below = F